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Piercing for Males and Females

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Piercing for Males and Females

Are you based in Delhi? Do you want piercing? Well, then we have got the best solution for you. The best tattoo & Piercing shop in Delhi does that all for you. But before we move on to further details, let us just get a brief idea of piercings.

What are piercings?

Body piercing commonly known as body piercing is a kind of modification of body. In this practice, a part of the body is cut open or punctured creating a small opening through which a jewellery is worn. Although the history of body piercing contains some misinterpretations, there are several examples which shows us that the culture of piercing had been popular in the ancient times and was practiced by both the sexes all over the world.

What is the history of piercing?

Although navel piercing is rare, some of the common kinds of piercing includes both of ear and nose. There are historical records too about the nose and ear piercings. There are several evidences obtained from the past which show piercing in mummies. The history of nose piercing dates back to 1500BC. Lip and Tongue piercing were quite common among the tribal cultures of America and Africa.

The cultures of Ancient India and Ancient Rome has also offered for the examples of nipples and genital piercings. However, what still remains a bit unclear is the history of navel piercing. It has been found that the culture of navel piercing was quite popular during the World War II in the ancient culture.

Why do people go for piercing?

Well, this one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer to this question may have several interpretations and would generally vary from one person to another. There is not one common answer to this question. It completely depends.

Some people get pierced because of spiritual reasons, while some opt for it because of religious reasons. Some people even get piercings done as a form of self-expressions or to be more precise about themselves while expressing. Another fine reason for piercing can be for aesthetic values. One of the oddest facts of all is that a number of people get pierced to experience sexual pleasure. Weird, but true. Some forms of piercing can be reflective of a culture while others may generally be a rebel against the culture.

The piercing culture is one of the most famous forms among teenagers. Some of them sometimes go out of their boundaries and make up for controversial piercings. Piercing is strictly banned at schools and workplaces.

Types of piercings

Since there are so many types of piercing options, you might as well get confused about what to done. Therefore, we have tried to simplify the process for you a little. You can read them on and choose as per your likings

1.Ear Piercings
  • Well under the ear-piercing types, there are several options, which might get you confused. When you are opting for piercing, you should always decide first and then move on to the net step. Some of the common types of ear piercing includes earlobe piercing, antitragus piercing, conch piercings, and daith piercings.
  • 2.Oral and Facial Piercings
  • This kind of piercing is gaining much popularity among the teens. The teens of this generation are choosing for oral and facial piercings. Well, that adds to quite a rebel look. Piercing your face may be hurting but then if you want the look, it is totally worth it. Some of the common examples of oral and facial piercings include anti-eyebrow piercing, eyebrow piercing, eyelid piercing, tongue piercing, cheek piercing, septum piercing, nostril piercing, lip piercing and so on.
  • 3.Lip Piercing
  • Although lip piercing may seem to be a little rough, but then the look is absolutely amazing. Some of the common forms of lip piercing include vertical lip piercing, snake bites, canine bites, dolphin bites, horizontal lip piercing, viper bites and so on.
  • 4.Surface Piercing and Dermal or Microdermal Piercing
  • The forms of surface piercing such as neck piercing, chest piercing, corset piercings are also becoming popular day by day.
  • 5.Navel Piercing
  • Navel Piercing is commonly referred to as belly button piercing. However, it is not the belly button which is pierced, only the jewelry is placed over it. The piercing actually goes from top to down of the belly button covering the whole area of belly button cavity. The same process is also done for belly button rim.
  • Piercing designs for male and females

    Well, the tattoo artists at Tattoosphere have got too many designs for you. The artists solely work towards satisfying their customers. If you are aiming to get piercing done in Delhi, this is just one of the best permanent tattoo and piercing shops in the Delhi-NCR region. The prime concern is the satisfaction of the customers.

    There are female artists too for female. Our tattoo artists have come up with a range of piercing ideas for you which you might like and then eventually get yourself pierced.

    Some of the ideas are mentioned below