The word “tattoo” originates from “tatu”, a word from the Tahitian language which literally means “to mark something”.The art of tattoos has been around for thousands and thousands of years, experts have estimated them to be carbon dated for about fifty two hundred years. The existence of “tattooing” has been arguably been claimed to date all the way back to 12,000 BC. According to historians, before “tattoos” became art they are said to have been around for curing illnesses in ancient times.Tattoos have always had an important role in ritual and tradition.


Considering the West, the early Britons would use tattoos in ceremonies. However, it is said that the Normans disdained tattooing and it left the Western culture around the 12th to 16th centuries.

Today, the art of tattoos is becoming more and more popular.

The art of creating tattoo designs and making different designs on various body parts is now considered a talent of its own. It requires high skill and professionalism and people are now developing more and more interest and passion in this craft, which of course not all can master. It requires patience and devotion as well as a keen sense of tattoo designs and an awareness of “tattoo history” and different kinds of tattoo art in the world.

When talking about tattoo art and the history of tattoos, permanent tattoos as in permanent marks on body parts are considered.  Permanent tattoos are painful to apply and have their own risks of application, however, they last a lifetime (unless removed which itself is an even more painful method). “Permanent tattoos” are applied using needles which go through several layers of skin, reaching the “dermis” and leaving pigment to make the permanent mark on the skin where it is desired.

Looking back into the history of permanent tattoos and tattoo artists some well-known names from the “tattoo art culture” come into mind. There has been a good amount of capable and talented tattoo artists which have been known in history a few of these auspicious names are Kat Von D, Mark Mahoney, Paul Booth and Maud Wagner. Kat Von D is a very well-known name when speaking of tattoo artists and has left a huge impact on the history of tattooing and the art of tattoos. Mark Mahoney is another name that pops in the mind when discussing evolutionary tattoo artists of exceptional skills and the list of such names goes on till some relatively recent tattoo artists Joey Pang and Ami James for instance are tattoo artist which brought their talent to the world of tattooing later on but also left their mark and created a name for themselves amongst extremely talented, passionate, devoted and highly skilled tattoo artists in history.

Tattoos remain a popular culture for various reasons till date. The detailed history of which, like any other form of art, is full of tradition, culture, controversy yet a whole lot of compassion.

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