Difference Between Good And Bad Quality Tattoo Inks

Tattoo inks are special kinds of ink used for permanent tattooing. These inks consist of pigments combined with a carrier. They come in a wide range of colors and also in different qualities based on their properties and compositions.

The quality of the tattoo ink is very important when getting a permanent tattoo. Bad quality ink can lead to faded tattoos and much more serious problems such as skin diseases affecting the client’s health. Tattoo artists

usually recommend good quality inks and use clean instruments. Professional tattoo artist put the client’s health first and therefore talk about the ink being used and prefer good quality tattoo ink. Small shops in certain cities may use cheap ink which is more often than not “bad quality ink”. It is import for tattoo clients to be aware of the difference between good and bad quality tattoo inks and the benefits of good quality inks as well as the drawbacks of poor quality tattoo inks.

After certain arising health issues relating to tattoos, FDA has declared some poor quality tattoo inks the reason of skin infections and other skin related problems. Certain home use tattoo kits had been tested for this purpose and been proven to contain infection causing bacteria. In worse case scenarios poor quality of tattoo inks being used can infect the client with HIV, HCV and HBV through contact with skin. Of course this also requires the tattooing instruments to be disinfected prior to use.
To ensure that the tattoo instruments are sterile and good quality tattoo ink is used, most tattoo parlors especially professional tattoo artists set a “shop minimum” which is an overhead cost of getting tattooed which is basically the money that it costs to keep the equipment clean and sterile and high quality safe ink. But Tattoosphere Tattoo Studio used a Best Quality Tattoo Ink. this is Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi.
Good quality tattoo ink costs a bit more but ensures long lasting bright colors, clean results and ensure a much more safe tattooing procedure overall. These inks prevent from higher risks of skin damage or spreading dangerous diseases.

Best Tattoo Shop

Amongst the top tattoo ink brands are

  • Alla Prima Ink
  • Arcane Tattoo Inks
  • Bloodline & Skin Candy Tattoo Inks
  • Dynamic Tattoo Inks
  • Eternal Ink
  • Fantasia Tattoo Inks
  • Formula 51 Tattoo Ink
  • Intenze Tattoo Ink
  • Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink etc.

Kuro Somi ink like the other brands mentioned above is a top quality tattoo ink brand, which uses vegan-friendly ingredients and organic pigments. The colors are bright and last longer without fading for a longer period of time and provide safer and better quality tattoos in Delhi .
All in all, it is important to be well aware if the quality of tattoo ink which is being used when one decides to get a permanent tattoo as it saves up future regrets and severe health issues.

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