Why People Want Female Tattoo Artists

For all those who think that the world of permanent tattoo making is dominated by males, you need to think again. There has been a marked rise in the demand for female tattoo artists in India these days.


So, what is it that has lead to this change? Let’s find out.


Attention to details


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The notion that women generally have better skill and focus is definitely one of the key factors that has lead to the increased demand. People feel that the patience required for making intricate designs can only be achieved by a female tattoo artist. On the downside, many men feel that the tattoos done by a female artist are too dainty for

their tastes.

Well, you can’t win them all!

Privacy factor


Getting a tattoo is no more a “male thing” in India. These days a lot of women get themselves inked as well. The question of feeling comfortable with your tattoo artist is very important, especially when the area chosen for the tattoo is an intimate one. That is why many prefer a female artist to ink them in areas that they may feel hesitant to expose to a male one.


Better at dealing with people

One of the responses that we get at Tattoosphere, when we ask why people want female artists, is that they find them to be more patient in dealing with their needs. They are more respectful towards the integrity of the designs and the clients’ body and skin. Their overall design aesthetics are also more popular among the urban crowd in India.

It feels glamorous to be tattooed by a lady

We have all seen the reality show LA Ink, and its glamorous female lead. Tattoo enthusiasts in India who have seen the show often request for a female tattoo artist to have a more glamorous tattooing experience. There is something really edgy about getting inked by a lady, wouldn’t you agree?

Women are better at hygiene


While this might not be entirely true, the general feeling is that female artists are cleaner and more hygienic than their male counterparts. Since hygiene and the health and welfare of the client is paramount, we at Tattoosphere, will be glad to meet your concerns.

An equal team

At Tattoosphere, we believe in equality, and providing the best services for our customers. That is why, we have included some of the best female artists for permanent tattoo in our studio. They have years of experience and have the finest hands when it comes to ink art.

If you’re thinking of a great place for tattoo in Delhi with a female artist, then Tattoosphere is the studio you are looking for. Our team has years of experience in the field of tattooing and they can create the most unique designs based on your inputs and thoughts.

So, give us a call today, and book your appointment with one of our super talented tattoo artist. We guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget

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