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How Do You Get to Find Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi?

How Do You Get to Find Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi?

How Do You Get to Find Best Tattoo Shop in Delhi?

Are you planning to get inked on your body? If you are concerned about how to find the best tattoo shop in Delhi, we are a tattoo studio situated in the Delhi-NCR region Surajmal Vihar, Just 10 minutes walking distance from karkardooma metro station East Delhi. Tattoosphere is well-known tattoo shop in Delhi. Tattoosphere is the best tattoo & Piecing studio. Right from the permanent tattoos to that of the temporary tattoos, we aim at catering you with the services you require. We have a list of skilled male & female tattoo artists as well. So, if girls feel a little uncomfortable about getting tattooed, we can help you with that. We always maintain world-class hygiene and Safety during tattooing at our tattoo shop in Delhi-Tattoosphere. Our specialty is, we also educated our customer aftercare of your tattoo. We thanks our customer who rate us 4.5* out of 5* at our on social media account on Facebook. Our customer also rated us 4.5* for tattooing quality, safety, hygiene level which is on our 1st priority at our tattoo shop-Tattoosphere is the best tattoo shop in Delhi.

What is the permanent tattoo price?

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The permanent tattoo price at our tattoo shop (studio) completely depends on the type and size of the tattoo you want. The price usually increases with the increase in the size of the tattoo. One thing that you should keep in mind about tattoos, is that you should always choose a design that well depicts your persona. A tattoo etched on your body or on any specific part of your body has a lot to say about your personality which is why you should choose very wisely.

The tattoos on our body act as the gateway for the people into our beliefs. While most of the people these days are getting tattooed for fashionable purposes, you should be aware that some get tattooed to reflect their beliefs too. Your tattoo talks of the spiritual and traditional beliefs. Today young generation, hunks, boys & girls models, bodybuilders, girls and women who want to express their feelings they are looking best tattoo shop in Delhi NCR, as well as the best tattoo artist, if still, you’re finding the best tattoo shop and best tattoo artist, call us once Tattoosphere.

You Must Know The Tattoo Culture & History

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From the ancient times, the tattoo culture has been quite prevalent. If we go down the history, we would find that a number of ancient civilizations had the concept of tattoo in their culture. Thus, this practice isn’t something new. It is being practiced since the time of our ancestors, so getting tattooed isn’t something wrong.

One of the prominent thing that your tattoo tells about your is that you’re quite an extroverted person, who is free to express their beliefs. You fill up the people around you with energy. Your tattoo is a symbol of your uniqueness. You aren’t someone who gets lost in the crowd of people. You stand within them but not with them. You are a strong individual with your unique persona. Tattoos are all about how you express yourself. Sometimes, it may happen that people will judge you because of your tattoos. You need not worry about what the world has got to say about you. You need to be focused on what you are becoming. Another significant thing that the tattoos on your body depict is that you are an individual who seeks experience and adventures. You do not conform to the norms of the society. In fact, you’re a strong individual who goes out on a journey to seek experience from the adventure that he commits.

Thus, no matter what aim you are wanting to get tattooed, our tattoo artists help you achieve that. If you are concerned about what kind of tattoos you want to have, we can provide you with a range of ideas at our Tattoosphere tattoo shop in Delhi You can contact us and reach out. We’ll be happy to cater to you. If you are a female you’re not comfortable with male tattoo artist then don’t worry we have well trained, expert, experienced female tattoo artist too.

Why is tattoohygiene important ?

Why is tattoohygiene important ?

Why is tattoo hygiene important?

Do you love tattoo? Are you wishing to get one? If you are In Delhi and looking for “tattoo shops near me”, you can definitely contact us. We offer for a range of tattoos which come in designs and colours. Based on your choice the tattoo may either be permanent or temporary. Tattoosphere aims at catering to you all the services that you require. The temporary and permanent tattoo price is very reasonable with the effective quality. Thus, you can place all your trust on us.

For most of us, getting a tattoo is an uncomfortable process, but if the proper hygiene is maintained, it is a very much safe procedure. You may suffer from a few problems if the tattoo hygiene isn’t maintained. This is the reason why the main focus of us is to maintain the tattoo hygiene for our customer. Our tattoo studio or tattoo shop in Delhi has strict rules and regulations for maintaining the tattoo hygiene.

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Our tattoo artists use high standards for maintaining the hygiene. When you tell our tattoo artists about the place where you want to get your tattoo done, they will clean and shave the area thoroughly. Since the tattoo artists here are professional they do cater every service to use by maintaining proper hygiene. The tools such as the razor and needles aren’t re-used. They also make sure that they use a glove while making tattoos. To maintain the sheer hygiene our tattoo artists, wear the gloves to ensure your safety purpose. This is beneficial for our clients as well as for us.

We wouldn’t keep you in the dark. You may be prone to a number of skin diseases if your tattoo artist fails to maintain the hygiene. It is for this reason, that we have lined up some experienced and best tattoo artists in Delhi. If our artists notice that a certain part of the ink used on a client is left, they ensure that it is not re-used. They dispose of the needle as well as the ink. This eventually reduces the risk of spreading of the disease. A good tattoo shop would always focus on the hygiene.

Our tattoo shop has all various professional tattoo artists; thus, you won’t need to worry about your health. Getting tattooed from an unprofessional artist is not at all recommended. This can cause a number of infections. Note that you may also be prone to blood poisoning if your tattoo hygiene isn’t well-maintained.

The tattoo artists at our tattoo shop work with the most advanced facilities in order to maintain your hygiene. They make full use of a chemical process and ultrasonic cleaner to meet the requirements of the sterility. We ensure that the tools are clean and sterilized before making use of it on any customer. Our tattoo artists maintain the medical protocol and dispose of the used needles.

So, if you are concerned about your tattoo hygiene, you can approach us without any second thought.


Why People Like Dermal Piercing?

Why People Like Dermal Piercing?

Why People Like Dermal Piercing?

Are you considering dermal piercing to get done? Then there are a few things you need to consider before getting a dermal piercing done. You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of dermal piercing. If you are in Delhi and wanting to get dermal piercing done, you should go to one of the best piercing shops in Delhi.

The Process of Dermal Piercing

Dermal Piercing Shop In Delhi

Dermal piercings are also referred to as the single-point surface piercings. These are quite different from the normal or traditional method of dermal piercing. In this process, the piercer would help to punch the dermal anchor onto the small space on your skin. Later, the dermal forceps come to use. The dermal anchor is punched into the hole using the forceps. The anchor usually has a foot base or a base which is small and round. This helps to keep the dermal anchor in proper place. The base of the dermal anchors are usually solid and small holes so that the tissues can grow through the holes. The dermal piercing would heal soon too and eventually make it more stable.

Sometimes it may happen that the dermal piercings may get rejected. The dermal anchor having holes in the base will have less chances of moving out. Make sure that you protect the dermal piercings from any damage while getting healed. Also, protect the piercings from being snatched out or displaced. The external factors may not pull out the dermal piercing, but your body may push it out after a certain time. Since it is pierced and inserted in the extreme layer of the skin, the body usually pushes out the dermal piercing. You can make your piercings go on for years if you take proper care of it. Ensure to maintain the proper aftercare.

The advantages and disadvantages of dermal piercing

You can get dermal piercings done in any part of your body(flat surface only). You can get dermal piercing on the side of your eyes or on your eyebrows. One of the coolest methods that you can opt for dermal piercing is make up a necklace around your neck. You can even flaunt your tattoos using the various dermal piercings. You can even put a dermal piercing on your finger or toe, so that it looks like a ring. If you are into a devil kind of look, you even get thorn dermal piercings.

One of the disadvantages of dermal piercing is that it can get rejected by the body. Do not remove your dermal piercing until it is healed. You need to perform proper aftercare to heal the dermal piercing quickly. You should maintain it during the early period before the tissue grows up through the holes.

Ensure that your dermal piercing is covered with a breathable bandage in order to prevent the dust from being deposited. If you have piercings around your body, you should make sure that the clothes should be breathable enough. Be careful about what you wear when you have piercings around the body. The clothing should be comfortable and breathable. Tattoosphere:-Best Shop For Dermal Piercing 

How to Choose Best Tattoo Artist In Delhi?

How to Choose Best Tatto Artist In Delhi?

Are you finding the best tattoo artist in Delhi? Are you looking inked on your body? then it is very hard to find the best tattoo artist in Delhi. Or Best tattoo shop in Delhi. Everyone says I am the best. I am the best. If we are talking about best tattoos artist in Delhi NCR then one image comes to our mind first that is………

Best tattoo artist -

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal- tattoosphere

Tattoosphere-Tattoo Artist now isn’t a thing just for the swaggers, cool bikers and bad boys. Tattoos are for everyone now. Every son, boyfriend, mother, daddy, a husband has one to out show their love for someone or something or just to get a possible style. The number of people getting inked increase every now and then.

Best tattoo artist in

  1. Tattoo artists are not just limited to amazing tracing or drawing skills, but there are times that the customer demands to spin a design which they have in mind. The tattoo artists are efficient enough to understand the customer demands and come up with a design which adheres to customer expectations. The artist brings ideas to life. Understanding and relating to customer’s thought is the art which the tattoo artist should master. Materializing the idea should be the artist’s It takes talent and creativity of the artist to come up with a design that has the qualities which the customer desires with an artistic and creative touch.


  1. Tattoo artist is given a blank canvas to create beautiful artwork. The challenge lies when the artist is asked to tattoo anywhere, a bald head, on back, shoulder or waistline or anywhere where the customer desires. There are tattoos which start from shoulder and end on the neck or may start on the waistline, this requires adjusting the tattoo to the area perfectly so that it does not look shabby or amateur. The tattoo resizing might take quite long, it might require resketching the whole design. This might be the crux of the matter for a plain Jane.Best tattoo artist in Delhi-tattoosphere

3. No one wants a bad tattoo, it is all on you to get a perfect tattoo by deciding a perfect tattoo artist in India. Some points which you should consider before getting inked.

Follow these points before hire tattoo artist!

  • Experience– If you are planning to get a complicated design as a tattoo, you should certainly go for an experienced tattoo artist. A simple yin yang tattoo or a semicolon isn’t a hard nut to crack but when it comes to a convoluted design, you should certainly inquire about the training and experience of the artist.


  •  The condition of the parlor– Certainly, you should look for a tattoo artist in Delhi and throughout the country who has a perfect workplace that indicates their level of professionalism. Brand new needles should be used. The artist should dispose of waste properly and he/should wear proper gloves.


  • References– always choose the artist with whom either you or someone known had got a tattoo. Go for references, inquire your friends and family members who have got inked recently because getting first-hand references is important to decide an artist. If you have enough time, try making a visit to body-art conventions to get knowledge about the best tattoo artists in Delhi or your city in India.


  • Comfort– Try finding an artist with whom you can easily gel up with your ideas and thoughts so that you don’t face enough problem telling the artist about your idea and expectations with the tattoo. Ask questions freely about how to take care of the tattoo or what time it will take to heal, etc.

best tattoo shop- tattoosphere

Over the past few decades, there has been a considerable growth in the tattooing (Inked). Not just anyone can be a tattoo artist. Being a tattoo artist requires a lot of skills, creativity and a pair of experienced hands. Tattoo art is like the more you do the better you learn. Tattoo representation is a wide activity, it can be as tiny as a semicolon or as large as a silhouette of a city on your neck, back, chest, legs or wrist.