Why People Want Female Tattoo Artists

For all those who think that the world of permanent tattoo making is dominated by males, you need to think again. There has been a marked rise in the demand for female tattoo artists in India these days.


So, what is it that has lead to this change? Let’s find out.


Attention to details


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The notion that women generally have better skill and focus is definitely one of the key factors that has lead to the increased demand. People feel that the patience required for making intricate designs can only be achieved by a female tattoo artist. On the downside, many men feel that the tattoos done by a female artist are too dainty for

their tastes.

Well, you can’t win them all!

Privacy factor


Getting a tattoo is no more a “male thing” in India. These days a lot of women get themselves inked as well. The question of feeling comfortable with your tattoo artist is very important, especially when the area chosen for the tattoo is an intimate one. That is why many prefer a female artist to ink them in areas that they may feel hesitant to expose to a male one.


Better at dealing with people

One of the responses that we get at Tattoosphere, when we ask why people want female artists, is that they find them to be more patient in dealing with their needs. They are more respectful towards the integrity of the designs and the clients’ body and skin. Their overall design aesthetics are also more popular among the urban crowd in India.

It feels glamorous to be tattooed by a lady

We have all seen the reality show LA Ink, and its glamorous female lead. Tattoo enthusiasts in India who have seen the show often request for a female tattoo artist to have a more glamorous tattooing experience. There is something really edgy about getting inked by a lady, wouldn’t you agree?

Women are better at hygiene


While this might not be entirely true, the general feeling is that female artists are cleaner and more hygienic than their male counterparts. Since hygiene and the health and welfare of the client is paramount, we at Tattoosphere, will be glad to meet your concerns.

An equal team

At Tattoosphere, we believe in equality, and providing the best services for our customers. That is why, we have included some of the best female artists for permanent tattoo in our studio. They have years of experience and have the finest hands when it comes to ink art.

If you’re thinking of a great place for tattoo in Delhi with a female artist, then Tattoosphere is the studio you are looking for. Our team has years of experience in the field of tattooing and they can create the most unique designs based on your inputs and thoughts.

So, give us a call today, and book your appointment with one of our super talented tattoo artist. We guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget

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Tattoo Artist The culture is Fashion

Make sure you keep these points in mind and you can get a perfect tattoo artist in Delhi. Always make sure that the tattoo artist perfectly understands your idea and concept and uses sterile products while working. With this, you can enjoy the perfect inked tattoo for as long as you want.

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Tattoo Artist The culture is both fashion. When this is true, you seldom find the same individual mixing equally. So if you do decide to get a tattoo design, a choice you might make will be a gothic tattoo. There is an assortment of designs you could find in this region and if you believe Goth marginally reflects you, you should consider this choice more carefully. A design that suits you could be found by you and the hunt for a notion will end. This type of tattoo designs comprises many mythical creatures such as fairies or dragons. From what ages individuals considered the inspiration for this idea came. This type a lot more related to white witchcraft and can be inspired from the middle ages times. Religious people focused a great deal of time on this subject. A star with five things called a pentacle will be an illustration for these types of tattoos. Each stage has a certain meaning, the first four being fire, water, earth and atmosphere. A Gothic angel tattoo design would belong to the fantasy art class and it’s a very nice idea. It typically is very complex and has an astonishing beauty. It may be made just with a black shape or you might use more colours if you like, but you need to take into account that the more complicated and the more colours you use for your tattoo design the less affordable it’ll be. The size will have a wonderful influence on the price. Before you decide you need to first speak to a tattoo design artist and see how much it’d cost. It may be very expensive sometimes that is why it’s good to be ready.

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Looking a Best Tattoo Artist in India?

If we talking about Best tattoos artist in Delhi NCR then one image comes in our mind first that is Mr. Gaurav Sharma.Tattoo Artist now aren’t a thing just for the swaggers, cool bikers and bad boys. Tattoos are for everyone now. Every son, boyfriend, mother, daddy, husband has one to out show their love for someone or something or just to get a possible style. The number of people getting inked increase every now and then.

Over the past few decades, there has been a considerable growth in the best tattoo artists in Delhi India and the country’s capital Delhi. Not just anyone can be a tattoo artist.Being a tattoo artist requires a lot of skills, creativity and a pair of experienced hands. Tattoo art is like the more you do the better you learn. Tattoo representation is a wide activity, it can be as tiny as a semicolon or as large as a silhouette of a city on your neck or wrist.


Tattoo artists are not just limited to amazing tracing or drawing skills, but there are times that the customer demands to spin a design which they have in mind. The tattoo artists are efficient enough to understand the customer demands and come up with a design which adheres to customer expectations. The artist brings ideas to life. Understanding and relating to customer’s thought is the art which the tattoo artist should master. Materializing the idea should be the artist’s priority. It takes talent and creativity of the artist to come up with a design that has the qualities which the customer desires with an artistic and creative touch.

A tattoo artist is given a blank canvas to create beautiful artwork. The challenge lies when the artist is asked to tattoo anywhere, a bald head, on back, shoulder or waistline or anywhere where the customer desires. There are tattoos which start from shoulder and end on the neck or may start on the waistline, this requires adjusting the tattoo to the area perfectly so that it does not look shabby or amateur. The tattoo resizing might take quite long, it might require resketching the whole design. This might be the crux of the matter for a plain Jane.

No one wants a bad tattoo, it is all on you to get a perfect tattoo by deciding a perfect tattoo artist in India. Some points which you should consider before getting inked.

  1. Experience– If you are planning to get a complicated design as a tattoo, you should certainly go for an experienced tattoo artist. A simple yin yang tattoo or a semicolon isn’t a hard nut to crack but when it comes to a convoluted design, you should certainly inquire about the training and experience of the artist.
  2. The condition of the parlor– Certainly, you should look for a tattoo artist in Delhi and throughout the country who has a perfect workplace that indicates their level of professionalism. Brand new needles should be used. The artist should dispose of waste properly and he/should wear proper gloves.
  3. References– always choose the artist with whom either you or someone known had got a tattoo. Go for references, inquire your friends and family members who have got inked recently because getting first-hand references is important to decide an artist. If you have enough time, try making a visit to body-art conventions to get knowledge about the best tattoo artists in Delhi or your city in India.
  4. Comfort– Try finding an artist with whom you can easily gel up with your ideas and thoughts so that you don’t face enough problem telling the artist about your idea and expectations with the tattoo. Ask questions freely about how to take care of the tattoo or what time it will take to heal, etc.
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How Do You Get To Find Best Tattoo Shop In Delhi?

Are you planning to ink on your body? If you are concerned how to find best tattoo shop in Delhi, we are a tattoo studio situated in the Delhi-NCR region Surajmal Vihar, Just 10 minutes walking distance from karkardooma metro station East Delhi.

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Tattoosphere is well known tattoo shop in Delhi. Tattoosphere is the best tattoo & Piecing studio. Right from the permanent tattoos to that of the temporary tattoos, we aim at catering you with the services you require. We have a list of skilled male & female tattoo artists as well. So, if girls feel a little uncomfortable about getting tattooed, we can help you with that. We always maintain world class hygiene and Safety during tattooing at our tattoo shop -Tattoosphere. Our specialty is, we also educated our customer how to care after get inked on your body. We thanks our customer who rate us 4.5* out of 5* at our on social media account on Facebook. Our customer also rated us 4.5* for tattooing quality, safety, hygiene level which is on our 1st priority at our tattoo shop-Tattoosphere is the best tattoo shop in Delhi.

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What is the permanent tattoo price?

The permanent tattoo price at our tattoo shop (studio) completely depends on the type and size of the tattoo you want. The price usually increases with the increase in the size of the tattoo. One thing that you should keep in mind about tattoos, is that you should always choose a design that well depicts your persona. A tattoo etched on your body or on any specific part of your body has a lot to say about your personality which is why you should choose very wisely.

The tattoos on our body act as the gateway for the people into our beliefs. While most of the people these days are getting tattooed for fashionable purposes, you should be aware that some get tattooed to reflect their beliefs too. Your tattoo talks of the spiritual and traditional beliefs. Today young generation, hunks, boys & girls models, body builders, girls and women who wants express their feelings they are looking best tattoo Artist in Delhi NCR, as well as best tattoo artist, if still you’re finding the best tattoo shop and best tattoo artist, call us once Tattoosphere.

You Must Know The Tattoo Culture& History

From the ancient times, the tattoo culture has been quite prevalent. If we go down the history, we would find that a number of ancient civilizations had the concept of tattoo in their culture. Thus, this practice isn’t something new. It is being practiced since the time of our ancestors, so getting tattooed isn’t something wrong.

One of the prominent thing that your tattoo tells about your is that you’re quite an extroverted person, who is free to express their beliefs. You fill up the people around you with energy. Your tattoo is a symbol of your uniqueness. You aren’t someone who gets lost in the crowd of people. You stand within them but not with them. You are a strong individual with your unique persona. Tattoos are all about how you express yourself. Sometimes, it may happen that people will judge you because of your tattoos. You need not worry about what the world has got to say about you. You need to be focused to what you are becoming. Another significant thing that the tattoos on your body depict is that you are an individual who seeks experience and adventures. You do not conform to the norms of the society. In fact, you’re a strong individual who goes out on a journey to seek experience from the adventure that he commits.

Thus, no matter for what aim you are wanting to get tattooed, our tattoo artists help you achieve that. If you are concerned about what kind of tattoos you want to have, we can provide you with a range of ideas at our Tattoosphere tattoo shop in Delhi You can contact us and reach out. We’ll be happy to cater you. If you are a female you’re not comfortable with male tattoo artist then don’t worry we have well trained, expert, experienced female tattoo artist too.

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The word “tattoo” originates from “tatu”, a word from the Tahitian language which literally means “to mark something”.The art of tattoos has been around for thousands and thousands of years, experts have estimated them to be carbon dated for about fifty two hundred years. The existence of “tattooing” has been arguably been claimed to date all the way back to 12,000 BC. According to historians, before “tattoos” became art they are said to have been around for curing illnesses in ancient times.Tattoos have always had an important role in ritual and tradition.


Considering the West, the early Britons would use tattoos in ceremonies. However, it is said that the Normans disdained tattooing and it left the Western culture around the 12th to 16th centuries.

Today, the art of tattoos is becoming more and more popular.

The art of creating tattoo designs and making different designs on various body parts is now considered a talent of its own. It requires high skill and professionalism and people are now developing more and more interest and passion in this craft, which of course not all can master. It requires patience and devotion as well as a keen sense of tattoo designs and an awareness of “tattoo history” and different kinds of tattoo art in the world.

When talking about tattoo art and the history of tattoos, permanent tattoos as in permanent marks on body parts are considered.  Permanent tattoos are painful to apply and have their own risks of application, however, they last a lifetime (unless removed which itself is an even more painful method). “Permanent tattoos” are applied using needles which go through several layers of skin, reaching the “dermis” and leaving pigment to make the permanent mark on the skin where it is desired.

Looking back into the history of permanent tattoos and tattoo artists some well-known names from the “tattoo art culture” come into mind. There has been a good amount of capable and talented tattoo artists which have been known in history a few of these auspicious names are Kat Von D, Mark Mahoney, Paul Booth and Maud Wagner. Kat Von D is a very well-known name when speaking of tattoo artists and has left a huge impact on the history of tattooing and the art of tattoos. Mark Mahoney is another name that pops in the mind when discussing evolutionary tattoo artists of exceptional skills and the list of such names goes on till some relatively recent tattoo artists Joey Pang and Ami James for instance are tattoo artist which brought their talent to the world of tattooing later on but also left their mark and created a name for themselves amongst extremely talented, passionate, devoted and highly skilled tattoo artists in history.

Tattoos remain a popular culture for various reasons till date. The detailed history of which, like any other form of art, is full of tradition, culture, controversy yet a whole lot of compassion.

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